Philosophy on Women: It’s all in How You Handle the String

“I’m sorry I burnt out one of your lights last night.  I know that if one goes out the whole string goes out.  It’s then hard for me to find out which one went.  I’ll try to take better care of the whole string and treat it more gently.”

This came in an email from my husband the other morning after we had a “disagreement” the night before.

I am amazed at God, the male species, and life at times.  I am spending thousands of dollars to learning theories  of human behavior and my mathematician/concrete thinker husband emails me this.

I smile at his simple, yet profound description of female/male interactions.  He’s right on, and I love him for it.

As my friend Rose had said before, “Your husband’s deep.”

Which, if you knew him, would make you laugh because he is the prototype for Simple and Uncomplicated.

But he’s married to Complicated and NotSoSimple, so we make a good match.

That’s the humor and joy of the Lord.  I am a string of lights, and He has given me a man who realized how to make them shine.

Good theology if you ask me.  

I wonder if living with this profound philosopher will let me test out of the Gender and Sexuality class I have to take in two weeks.  

You think?

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