Things I’m Glad I Did & Things I Would Have Done Different

In 3 days, I will be taking my firstborn off to college.
            12 hours away.
        My only girl.
        Enough said.

Things I’m Glad I Did

  • Was home full-time to watch her grow and change every day in the early years.
  • Had tea parties
  • played dress ups
  • read books
  • took her to parks
  • took her to museums
  • took her on a road trip at age 13
  • was honest about my life
  • had play dates and watched girls play
  • read to her
  • sung to her
  • laid in her bed when she was asleep to pray for her
  • had her daddy step in when she wouldn’t listen to me
  • told her daddy what girls need to hear.
  • wrote her notes
  • made time for her, even when I was tired.
  • learned to let go before today
  • talked to her about (sex) at different stages
  • took her to Bible Study Fellowship
  • stood firm even when it hurt
Things I Would Have Done Different
  • Trusted God more……. earlier….
  • Bit my tongue more often
  • walked away more often
  • let her and her brothers work out their fights more on their own
  • given her space more often
  • realized some things just are just that way
  • lectured less
  • listened more
  • prayed more
  • been more patient
  • appreciated her more
  • encouraged her more
  • and so much more……..

Daughters are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him.  Psalm 127:3


  1. Brenda reading you list took me back a few years when our two left the nest. There are a few things I would do differently, especially more fun things. But now I get to do those things with our grand children which our kids love. Good post. Blessings

  2. AAAhhhhh!!! Bless you, friend!!! I feel sick to my stomach every time I think of my kids growing up and leaving. My oldest (a girl) is nine. Your daughter is so beautiful!!

  3. Love this…our only daughter, out of our six, moved out on her own in December…even though she is close by I knew the time of her being home was gone…time flies so fast. I don't think you can ever read or hear enough about this change in season of parenting…when they are released from your nest…a mixed blessings, excited to see them become who they are to be and yet hard to see them go.Blessings as you adjust this year…four of mine have flown and I still miss hearing their footprints! But I have so much to be thankful for!

  4. Thank you Brenda for those heart felt words. It is so hard to be a Mom to daughters today. There are so many things that I have tried to do differently than my parents did for me, & yet somehow I still don't think I am doing a good enough job. God is good and he will keep there paths straight but it is just so hard for me to trust. Even though people tell u that it all ends to quickly, when ur in the middle of it, it never seems to end, and now that u r near an end & my end is just around to corner I just want to yell STOP, REWIND!!!!!!!!!! I want little pigtails, & barbie dolls & tricycles & size 4Ts again. I have not had the time I wanted to do all that I thought I would do with them. Anyway, thanks for the thoughts and maybe it will help me do more with the time I have left.

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