Christmas Beyond the Picket Fence


To the cashier at the store today, who listens of chit chat of holiday gatherings, yet hers is not one to chat about.  Two sons, one killed in an accident two years ago, the other in jail.

Today, May she know the Christ of Christmas

To the woman who cringes at Christmas song and holidays, because, for her, earliest memories of the Christmas ideal involves abuse from those she should have  trusted.

Today, may she know the Christ of Christmas.

For the family just receiving news of cancer.

Today, may they know the Christ of Christmas.

To the man who has just checked into rehab, spending the holiday away from his family.

Today, may he know the Christ of Christmas.

To the family receiving support this Christmas after being shunned and deemed outcasts from family and community, because people risked their own safety and reputation to say, “This is wrong.”

Today, may they feel the Christ of Christmas.

Christmas conjures up many different feelings.  These are just a few of whom I am aware this holiday season brings different feelings behind the “White Christmas” postcard picture.

Regardless of what tomorrow may bring, may we lift up those in our lives who need to feel the love and grace and power of the Risen Lord Jesus, the Christ of Christmas.

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