God’s Greatest Principle

Everything’s permissible, but not everything’s beneficial.  Everything is permissible, but not everything is constructive.    1 Corinthians 10:23.

I guess as far as life verses go, this would be mine. I shared it with one of my teenagers today, and I remembered how powerful it was for me at one point in my life.  As a high school teacher, I have often shared this “principle” with teens in various venues.  Today, I remembered how life giving it was to me. 

And I remembered how life giving and powerful God’s word became to me when nothing else made sense to me in overcoming an eating disorder.  All efforts by physicians, counselors, family members, and even my own private efforts seemed to “circle the wagon” in making a dent in the cycle I was caught in for years, creating my own private world.

Then, in late adolescence, reading the New Testament, the words on the page clicked with me.  Though Paul was talking about sexuality and the body, the same principle applied to treatment of my body, too.  While I could choose the behavior I was engaging in, it was not necessarily beneficial.  I realized I was not a victim, but had choice.

I got that. And the truth of God’s word took root in my heart….as I began to seek this God who became personal to me, who knew my every step, thought, and behavior, even when no one else did.  He saw me in my private moments, purging.  He knew my thoughts, when no one else did.  And His word was speaking to me in a way no one else in my world could identify with.  I knew my Lord knew me.

This is one of the most vivid memories in my life – the moment God reached down and said, “there is hope.”  The moment God became personal to me, and I could start seeing hope outside my hopeless cycle……with truths that make sense to me.

You really can choose your behavior, Brenda….but is it beneficial?  Is it best for you?

This simple truth can be applied to any situation, any grey area, any struggle, addiction or unhealthy behavior.  What we choose has impact in our lives……good or bad.

As I shared this verse with my child today, I was so thankful I knew that of which I spoke….that I had walked in hard places and knew the life scripture gives…..the wisdom.….the grace my Savior gives by allowing us freedom to choose, with guidelines.

I am thankful I have walked in dark places at a young age to know the depth and truth of scripture, to know a God who is intensely personal, and the life He gives through His word.

This is lesson # 1 I learned in overcoming disordered eating.

Thank you, Father, for allowing pain so I can know you in this way.

I pray where ever you are today, the truth of His word is life giving to you, too.  


One comment

  1. You are not a victim, you have a choice… yes that truth speaks powerfully to me.I have appreciated reading this post, Brenda.You are fortunate that God led you through dark valleys at a young age, and enabled you to get out of them.Yes indeed… with that wisdom you have acquired through hands on experience, you know of what you speak. I know your teenager will appreciate having a real live guide to help him (her?) through these turbulent years.You heard right from God, you are not powerless in your addiction. You can choose the way out.Blessings on you this new year, dear Brenda.LoveLidj

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