Life Beyond the Picket Fence

Three years ago  Life Beyond the Picket Fence (  was developed with because I was living a life that shattered the image of “how things should be.”   I was a woman wrestling with life, people, faith, God, and myself.  I wondered if there were any  other women who were wresting, too.

I needed a safe place to be real.

Since then, lots of women have joined me in the journey Beyond the Picket Fence.

I’ve grown to be more comfortable sharing a messy life.  I’ve grown in my understanding of a redemptive and gracious God.  I’ve grown in allowing the Gardener to prune, weed out, water, and do His work so fruit can be produced.

I’ve been humbled at the opportunity to call myself a disciple of the Most High God.

In Victorian times, an open screen door on a porch meant there was an open invitation for someone to come and visit.

So, here is the open door at this Life Beyond the Picket Fence.

Come in, sit with me, and chat a while.

It’s safe here.  I’ll be real with you, and I hope you feel free to be authentic and real with me and those who also visit.

If you feel comfortable, leave your calling card (another Victorian custom, the forerunner of business cards).

In His love,


I'd love to hear from you.

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